Committed partners will help you to grow your business

Partners are vital in your business growth in domestic and in international markets. Partners represent your brands and products – they give them face in the field. Partners like distributors, mechanics, maintenance experts and in many other roles are crucial to your sales success.

It is necessary to take good care of your partners;
Support their business and equip them with modern tools, technology and valuable data to excel in their sales. 

Value from partner experience

This is a win-win-win situation. Developing partner experience creates value to each stakeholder: you, your partners, customers and vendors.

Elements of partner experience development

Developing winning partner experience is not just how good your order-process works in the webshop. Support your partners in each step of their path to get the best out of the co-operation!

We help you to focus on the right challenges

Understand partner needs, prioritize the actions and concretize development roadmap. And your partners can start shining!


Case: iLOQ

Digital service platform developed by Bonsky is an important part of iLOQ’s retailer experience

The cooperation with Bonsky has gone smoothly, and the service platform is constantly being developed to meet the users’ current needs. iLOQ chose the Agile-development for the realization of this project, because it enables a highly adaptable and scalable execution.

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Examples on development

Partner portal

Give partners toolkit to excel in their sales and commit to your brand and products. From ordering to marketing resources, learning, communication and support. Integrate and create new capabilities with API-driven modern solutions that are multichannel by default.

B2B sales channels

When you need more than a typical webshop. From API-only solutions to multichannel applications. Custom-pricing and discounts, multichannel ordering, product availability, campaign-management. Added value services and
bundling 3rd party products and services.

Api-capability development

Engage with your customers, partners and vendors with modern API capability. API’s allow you to integrate with your customers at process and system level.
Enable external parties to access all the valuable data and resources in managed and secure way.

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