Build culture & capabilities to create new value and competitive edge in connected business environment.  

Create innovation capabilities against uncertainty

Innovation is not only a fancy word. In the time of disruption we need to face the uncertainty. Only way to stay in the game is to make sure that your organisation has the needed innovation capabilities.

Innovation capabilities means company´s ability to create new ideas and transform them into new/improved products, services, processes or experiences. We have noticed that many companies has a drive to create new business but they lack a process and culture to support that.

This is how we help you to stay on the market – and lead it.

Give structure: co-creation model

All valuable innovations base on a defined problem or a challenge. And they are created in a team. Facilitated co-creation process will give an agile structure to ideate with your customers. Even if you already have a centralised innovation hub/process the workshop-based co-creation process will give important insight of the challenges your customers have. And you will have engaged buyers for the service ideas after the workshop.

Support the innovation culture

Nurturing a culture that cultivates innovation is the key to successful new business. Culture is a wide concept, but with clear objectives and an agile process you can build a motivating culture piece by piece. Continuous learning and "culture agents" are the pillars of the innovative mindset building. But you have to be patient, culture building has funny way of taking time. But what if you don't start today?

Share learning

Innovative mindset is always learning. Oftentimes all the resources are put in the ideation and creating structure, but the learning part stays almost invisible. But if you want to have an innovative culture, you need an effective platform and process to motivate people to share the valuable information they have gathered. Only shared learning results to continuous ideation.

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