Engage Your Client in Business Development to create better experience.

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Engage Your Clients in Business Development

Customer Experience is the King!

Clients make their purchase decisions mainly online. In addition, they are used to doing business regardless of time and location using digital channels. Company location is no longer relevant for clients. As competitors’ products become similar, gaining a permanent competitive edge by improving product features is getting harder and harder.

Digital Services and Content Act as Glue between Your Company and Client

By actively involving clients and various corporate functions in developing digital business, you can match your business goals with client needs at different stages of the journey. At their best, digital services and content act as glue between clients and company processes, creating a unified and meaningful client experience throughout the journey. To achieve a permanent competitive edge, you must identify clients’ actual requirements and develop client-oriented digital services using service design methods.

  • Unified client experience
  • Focus on development tasks that matter most
  • Ensure successful investment

Unified Client Experience

At their best, digital services and content create a unified and meaningful client experience throughout the client journey.

Focus on Development Tasks That Matter Most

Involving clients in service development helps you focus your development efforts on services and content relevant to your clients.

Ensure Successful Investment

By involving clients in service development, you can better ensure the service meets your clients' needs and the investment pays for itself.

Engaging Clients in Business Development

Bonsky’s development model based on client involvement provides a field-tested and structured framework for developing effective digital business. Our development model contains five steps: collect customer insight, create service concepts, test these concepts with target clients, manage development projects, and measure development project effectiveness on a regular basis.

“The development model based on client involvement helps allocate resources to tasks that bring most benefits to your company and clients.”

Service Design and Digital Service Conceptualization

We use service design methods to build digital services that both work towards your business goals and take your clients’ requirements and expectations into account. This is our way of ensuring your investment pays for itself.

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