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Bonsky Digitalized Kiilto's Client Journey Through Client Engagement

Kiilto develops its digital client journey on a regular basis. Online content and services have a significant impact on client experience. Kiilto has already taken a number of exciting steps to serve clients better at various stages of the journey. In future, Kiilto plans to offer their clients smart new digital services to help clients select and use Kiilto products and solutions.

Kiilto’s and Bonsky’s first joint project started at the beginning of 2016. An outdated website constituted their first challenge. Clients found it difficult to find the information they were looking for. Kiilto wanted to make information more readily available and to provide complete solutions instead of individual products. That was the beginning of a successful partnership.

Clients Closely Involved in Design and Development

Since day one, collaboration has focused on improving client experience, with digital services and content playing major roles.

“By engaging Kiilto’s clients in the development process, we have identified client groups’ real requirements and pain points related to their business. We have also brainstormed with clients to come up with content and digital services to support their businesses,” says Jan Landén, Digital Transformation Director at Bonsky.

During the first stage, we interviewed building contractors to find out their needs and ideas for services and content. Later, they helped us test service concepts before we entered the implementation stage. The resulting client service features and content were carefully tailored to meet clients’ requirements.

After a good start, the collaboration took many forms as Bonsky’s and Kiilto’s specialists and clients worked together to digitalize the entire construction and renovation journey.

Digitalization changes everything. Bonsky now provides us continuous services. For instance, we plan to develop other advanced calculators in addition to our bathroom calculator. Our expectations are high, and I am convinced our collaboration will also be successful in the future.

Outi Jalo , Marketing Manager
Kiilto – Client Story

Steps in Bonsky’s and Kiilto Family’s collaboration:

2016 New website
2017 New website
2017-2018 KiiltoClean Extranet renewal (hygiene plans)
2017-2018 Kiilto Extranet implementation (electronic ordering process)

It is now commonplace for Kiilto to involve clients in designing new tools and solutions, adding to its digital service architecture to serve clients even better.

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Bonsky Digitalized Kiilto's Client Journey Through Client Engagement

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Bonsky Digitalized Kiilto's Client Journey Through Client Engagement

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