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Online Service Improves Customer Experience

Jyväskylä Energy Group turned to its long-time partner for help in improving the usability of its online service.

“Our goal was to create an online service that is pleasant to use and makes things easier for both clients and our client service personnel,” says Kaisa Lepistö-Salojärvi, project manager at Jyväskylä Energy Group.

Online Service Adapts to Requirements of Different User Groups

The existing online service had been designed for consumers and, as such, was poorly suited to corporate clients.

“Building separate online services for consumers and corporate clients was not a cost-efficient solution. We also wanted the online service to keep pace with the changes in users’ lives,” says Lepistö-Salojärvi.
“Now our clients can use a single account for everything or create different user profiles for different purposes. This means the same person can act on behalf of a large manufacturer during office hours and take care of personal matters as a consumer after work.”

Design Based on Genuine Customer Experience

“We involved our clients during the design stage and studied their user experiences. Client surveys, workshops, individual and group interviews conducted by Bonsky provided us with insight on what our clients really wanted. Our clients were very pleased to have a say on the outcome,” says Lepistö-Salojärvi.

Online Service Speeds Up Client Service

Mobile friendly, easy, and visually pleasing, the online service won the hearts of both clients and employees.

“The new service gathers a lot of client-specific information into one place for clients. They can access the online service and activate services quickly and effortlessly 24/7. Our client service personnel also like the new online service; it allows them to serve clients better and more flexibly. During the first 24 hours, 200 new users registered in the online service, and over 600 during the first month.”

Collaboration and Project Management were Key to Success

Bonsky was in charge of project management. The project advanced from the specification phase to project planning and scheduling. Realistic project tasks were set on a weekly and, sometimes, even daily level.

“Weekly meetings and other checkpoints brought structure to the project. We could rest assured things were going according to the plan,” says Lepistö-Salojärvi. “Bonsky provided support for the whole project team, and we finished the project on schedule. Collaboration with the technical implementation crew went smoothly and everyone seemed to be acting in our clients’ best interests.”

Solid Foundations for Continuous Online Service Development

The online service development project laid solid foundations for comprehensive e-services that will gradually be built over time.

“Next, we will launch subscription tracking for builders and construction companies,” says Lepistö-Salojärvi. “It will aim to make clients’ lives easier and help them do business with their power company.”

For more information, contact:

Tatu Könönen
Partner / Director, Customer Success

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